Irrigation Systems

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At Miami Outdoor Solutions® we design and install specialized irrigation systems, from a simple single zone direct water from the water meter to a more complex property WELL system using line mult-zone systems, pumps, automated intelligent timers, rain sensors, seloniod valves, gear driven rotors and much more. Irrigation systems (Sprinklers) allowing a residential or commerical property achieve beautiful foliage, allows plants, trees and decorative foliage to be healthy. A proper irrigation design by Miami Outdoor Solutions will help your landscaping be a masterpiece. It is imperative that foliage be hydrated accordingly in order to absorb the nutrients and allows the grounds maintenance to be successfull.

Importance of Water Conservation and Time.

Hand watering with a hose or watering can takes substantial time and early morning and evening watering rituals take away from family and work. Both drip and sprinkler irrigation systems have timers that can be preset for daily or weekly watering so you do not need to monitor the watering because the timer shuts the water off when it has finished. Your water bill should be lower if the irrigation system is effective.

Preserves Soil Structure and Nutrients

Watering your property foliage will allow the proper levels of water to penetrate the soil and par levels, as a result, nutrients are processed by the foliage with consistency and time released fertilization will be processed more effectively with a proper irrigation implematation. The soil may The use of an irrigation systems produces equal, yet smaller droplets, helping the foliage preserve nutrients and reducing soil compaction.

Miami Outdoor Solutions® uses some of the best brands in irrigation technology such as RainBird®, Toro®, Sta-Rite® and Goulds®, the best manufacturers in valves, pumps, piping, nozzles, rotors and other componentst to make your landscape a success.