Misting Systems

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Mistcooling Misting Systems are known for Mid Pressure and High Pressure Misting Systems for patio misting.These Misting systems are best patio misters and the most efficient and advanced way for outdoor cooling and Mistscaping.

Perfect for both commerical and residential, Miami Outdoor Solutions is bere to help to provide superior outdoor comfort and instantly enhance any surrounding environment. The key to installing an effective misting system is the type of system based on area and the design displacement.

High Pressure misting systems by Miami Outdoor Solutions are engineered with your business or home in mind. All our products, from our extensive line of fog pumps to the nozzles and misting lines are all customizable to fit your outdoor cooling needs.

How Does a Misting System Work?

Using a high-pressure pump, stainless steel or poly-flex misting lines installed with specialty nozzles, a misting system works to atomize water that is pushed throughout the line to create ultra small droplets that fill the air. These droplets instantly interact with their surrounding environments to absorb heat and cool the air as the water evaporates.

This streamline process takes effect within moments of activation, and can be designed to cool the surrounding area efficiently to a very large scale. In a more industrial setting, misting systems can also help to minimize dust and pests or control the level of humidity in an enclosed environment.

Choosing the Right Misting System

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that every misting system is the same. Misting systems are affected by every single part of the overall design of the system. This includes a design appropriate to each target environment, which includes the misting pump, water treatment controls and the distribution line and nozzles. These key areas, thoughtfully combined work to bring you to your end goal and leaves you with a system that does the job that’s right for you.

When you’re starting to design your misting system, it’s important to keep in mind how each one of these individual section affects the other. However, also remember that one of the most important components in this process is the selected high pressure misting pump used to fuel the atomizing process. When considering which high-pressure misting system pump is right for you the size of the area, the desired type of mist effect and the time in use are all factors that should be considered before selecting your system.

At Miami Outdoor Solutions we specialize in designing and customizing a misting systems that is tailored to your specific environment.