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Exotic Foliage & Stones

Landscaping is one of the best ways to add a great deal of re-sale value to your home. It raises curb appeal, which is a hot topic in today's real estate market. No longer do homeowners simply have the luxury of worrying about what the interior of their home looks like they must now consider the exterior and how much curb appeal they have during the selling process.  It also makes your outdoor living space more livable and usable.


Landscaping with the appropriate foliage and architectural layout adds a luxury appeal and convenience to the outdoor areas of your home. In many instances, these types of projects are incorporated into the design of the home during the building process. This allows a Miami Outdoor Solutions to get a feel for exactly what the homeowner is looking for and the best way to combine hardscaping and structural components to create an amazing outdoor living space. 

Miami Outdoor Solutions offers a wide selection of South Florida native stubs. Exotic Palms, native palms, shrubs, ground covers, sods, succulents, orchids and other grade A plant species to provide the in-landscaping design and implementation throughout South Florida and the Caribbean.


We are committed to providing the most reliable services to our clients and have completed hundreds of jobs with the best in native plant species. All our landscaping projects under careful planning and design. We also provide licensed Architectural landscaping site plans for exterior remodeling and new construction, ready for permitting and board of architect presentation all throughout Florida. 

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