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Outdoor Kitchens

Let us help you make your outdoor living dreams a reality.

Building an outdoor kitchen is not any different than any other remodeling project—except it must withstand extremely high levels of heat from the grill and outdoor elements. Miami Outdoor Solutions® will help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen or bar. Our custom design-build solutions,  provide clients the best look, functionality using the superior engineered materials from the leading luxury brands. Miami Outdoor Solutions® is Authorized dealer for Luxury brands from Middleby: Lynx Professional®, Lynx Sedona®, Viking®, Evo® and Pinnacle: Alfresco®, Artisian®, Coyote® and Perlick®

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Miami Outdoor Solutions® designs and builds some of South Florida’s best outdoor kitchen and bars. Designing and building an outdoor kitchen the biggest factor we take into consideration, complementing the look and style into any existing space, easy access to the house in relationship to a swimming pool, an outdoor fountain, spa, shower or sitting area. There might be important factors concerning the layout; for instance, if the outdoor kitchen is at your beach house, it might be best positioned to catch the prevailing breeze.


Decisions to make concerning your outdoor kitchen include:

• Do you want your outdoor kitchen covered so that you can cook and entertain even when it rains? If you opt out of a roof, pavilion or gazebo keeping your grill and other furnishings clean. Miami Outdoor Solutions® installs custom deck and patio gazebos, visit our structural pavilion, gazebo and pergola page. 

• You will want to consider the overall size needed. For instance, for the chairs at the dining table, you need at least four feet away from any other element, especially the grill or any step-downs.

• Plan for adequate cabinet space. This way you can keep your outdoor kitchen properly supplied, which will help cut down on trips back and forth to the indoor kitchen.

• Countertop options include tile, granite, stone and concrete. Consider a countertop with a minimum of grout so that it reduces your clean-up time.

• Overhead fans.

• Refrigerator: Undercounter units are popular for outdoor kitchens because they are out of sight, protected by the counter and handy for storage. 

• Sinks: If you want a sink, consider stainless-steel sinks, they are preferable for outdoor kitchens because they won't corrode. 

• Other accoutrements to consider: Waterproof TV sound systems, and fireplaces. 


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